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Contractor Services​

Some Vendors and Services for owners

  • Indiana Construction and Consulting
  • Murley Masonry
  • Beacon Signs
  • Dryer Vent Wizard
  • Belfor Restoration
  • Indy Pro Construction
  • Rocklane Roofing
  • ​American Aqua Solutions
  • ​Modern Touch Contracting

H&H Management is always looking for contractors who take pride in what they do and know how to get things done. 

Behind every community we manage is a team of talented third party partners. 

More than wood, concrete, or glass it is the people associated with H&H Management who make our projects successful over the long term. 

We are always looking for people capable of working together with our team to deliver the highest level of service. 

If you are experienced, fully licensed, properly insured and have a proven track record of integrity and hard work, please feel free to fill out the vendor application below. 

H&H Vendor Application 

H&H Lawncare RFP 

H&H Snow Removal RFP