Condo Emergency? (non life threatening)

  Call our office at 317-272-5688  and follow the prompt

ONLINE-HOA CERTIFICATION METHOD: (See our Services tab for what this fee covers)

All ( * ) must be completed and you must click "submit" before a payment is made. HOA Certifications fee's from our office may be paid at the time of this request or added to the closing statement. Failure of either party to close on the property will NOT result in a refund of this fee. Please contact our office at 317-272-5688 EXT: 1013 with questions or use the appropriate BUY NOW button below. We have added drop down selections for the appropriate assocaitions and fees due.

HOA Dues letter will be responded within two (2) business days. If HOA Dues letter is needed sooner please note there will be a $50.00 rush fee added to the certification cost.

*Submiting the information sends the form to H&H Management via email to align with the payments made thru the above Paypal links. 

*DID YOU PRESS SUBMIT ABOVE? If YES then select the appropriate payment box below to pay the amount due.

SINGLE ASSOCIATION - $175.00                                                        ASSOCIATION + MASTER - $350.00