Condo Emergency? (non life threatening)

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Our Services

​​Financial Services
Personalized financial services customized for your community with easy to read reports

  • Comprehensive financial reports, including balance sheets, profit and loss, accounts payable, check disbursements, and income and expense budgeting
  • Account reconciliation for checking, savings, money market
  • Accounts payable processing
  • Assessments billing and accounts receivable tracking
  • Accelerated collection services where authorized
  • Delinquency notices 

Budget Preparation

We assist the Board of Directors in budget planning utilizing historical data to create a realistic and balanced budget.

Resident Account Maintenance
We post all incoming assessments on the day they arrive and monitor owner accounts.

A member of our team will attend monthly, quarterly, and annual meetings. *Based on contract terms.

Contractor Bidding*

H&H will seek quotes for service quotes for landscape, ponds, projects and other needs for your Boards review/selection and upon request and *based on contract terms.

24 Hour After Hours Service

H&H Management provides communities with emergency after hours service where applicable.

Community Inspections*

Property inspections are made, *based on contracted number of visits, and provided to the H.O.A. Board for their records and review. Any noted items or owner covenant violations will be reviewed and action taken or owner notice sent based on  H.O.A. Boards decision of actions or steps needed. 

Neighborhood HOA Website Assistance*

Your HOA deserves an eco-friendly, feature-rich website. We encourage associations to create an interactive HOA website. Communities managed by H&H Management receive discounted pricing for professional website services. A website will give your neighborhood a public presence on the web along with the ability to effectively and efficiently manage private information. *This service is at an additional cost and is not managed by H&H Management. 

Homeowner Requests
We pride ourselves on being responsive to owners by addressing their concern promptly with their Board of Directors to insure that appropriate actions are taken in a timely manner.

HOA Certification * ​This is a NON-Routine Service fee paid by the current owner and not the HOA

When you live in a community that is part of a homeowners association, you will have to abide by the rules and regulations they have in place. When a house in an HOA community is sold to a new owner, there will usually be a transfer fee* involved. The HOA transfer fee covers the cost of the management’s time, required actions, documentation preparation and distribution of the community’s rules and regulations that are given to the new owner.

​HOA transfer fees are charged to cover the expenses of the necessary transitioning activities and paperwork from the current owner to the new owner. The HOA transfer fee will generally cover the new documentation and paperwork involved in setting up a new homeowner. This also cover review, compiling, handling and copying the property’s inspection records and any fees associated with updating the title information for the new owner. An HOA transfer fee is customary and is just part of doing business. You have to remember that nothing is free and joining an HOA is no different. For example, when you buy and sell a car. You have to do a title transfer and pay a title transfer fee that shows the seller is no longer the owner of the car while documenting the name of the new owner of that vehicle as well.