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H&H Management LLC is happy to announce that we now have a presence on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Please be sure to follow us for fun and exciting news and updates! 

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Hendricks County Flyer: H&H erases negative picture of HOA 

New Service offering coming in the Spring of 2015 
H&H Management is excited to announce we will be offering educational classes and seminars for all our community owners. These will include “Understanding your H.O.A”., “How to read and understand an H.O.A. Budget”, “H.O.A. Living, is it right for me”, to name a few and many other exciting and informative seminars. From time to time we will have guest speakers that will be available for questions and answers. Space will be limited and on a first come first serve basis, but we can and will do multiple sessions if there is enough interest in these. Some of the courses/seminars will be free of charge while others may require a very minimal fee to cover the printing and additional items needed. We will post a schedule of these along with times, locations and any costs soon. 

Putting Community First 
We at H&H Management understand that, above all else, association management is a people business. While, we concede that a major portion of our job is focused on technicalities, such as rule enforcement, maintenance and collection of dues, when we act upon these functionalities of the job, we do so with the best interest of the community in mind. 

What is often lost in the shuffle by association managers is the need to emphasize community building within neighborhoods. Association management, much like the times, is an ever-changing field and as association managers we are expected to do more now than ever, but we at H&H Management accept our newfound responsibility with open-arms and will continue to service our community to the highest degree possible. 

We are not just managers of homeowner associations; we are leaders and teachers as well. Please allow us the opportunity to provide optimal leadership to your community and stand up for your rights as a homeowner. At H&H we measure success through the happiness of our communities and nothing else. 

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