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Welcome to H&H​​

H&H Management, LLC, offers a full range of affordable Homeowners Association (HOA) management solutions to suit the status of your community. H&H is located on the west side of Indianapolis and proudly serves Central Indiana. Our dedicated staff can help you meet your community association goals while reducing management costs and saving you time and money. H&H's staff has over 20 years of combined management experience and our staff lives in associated communities. Our services include a range of HOA management services for single family homes, paired patio homes and condominiums. Our services can be tailored to meet your needs and budgets, from simple dues collection, bill payments and tax preparation, to any combination you can imagine, we are a boutique company customizable to your particular needs while keeping your financial needs in mind. 

The H&H Management team understands the challenges of serving on a board of directors. H&H will assist you in controlling expenses, increasing property values, and reducing the time commitment of the community volunteers by sharing best practice information (based on experience) to ensure you stay a step ahead. By understanding your needs and goals we can help you guide your association toward positive results. To learn more about cost effective solutions for your HOA please call us at 317-272-5688 or e-mail Our staff will work with you to review your current management situation and provide a full proposal that will align your needs with our cost saving and effective services.