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While costs do tend to go up over time, we have seen many associations get caught with dramatically increasing HOA dues, caused by the short sightedness and inattention to detail of many “Property Management Companies”. H&H Management LLC is committed to helping keep the association cash flow positive and to review contracts with service providers and Board Members, with a keen eye toward quality service at the best pricing, to keep cost increases to a minimum. We do not participate in receiving funds from any contractor or service provider nor do we believe in maintaining a large corporate office that increases our overhead and is then passed on to our clients. The annual budget of an association is reviewed in detail when H&H Management LLC is awarded the contract for HOA management and a detailed annual review is accomplished every year thereafter, specifically to review costs and identify cost saving opportunities wherever possible. Existing contracts are reviewed at the onset of our relationship with an association and are continually scrutinized with regard to their cost-service relationship.

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