Condo Emergency? (non life threatening)

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H&H Management

Reliable.  Anticipatory.  Resourceful.  Focused.

About Us


We are not a "Property management company" all our work is done under Board member oversight

  • Continuing Communication - Always keep the owner informed
  • Individual attention given to each person
  • Prepare and deliver correspondence, including delinquency follow-up
  • Prompt courteous service; phone calls/e-mails returned same business day
  • With Board authorization and presence, we are available for onsite meetings with individual owners
  • Encourage cost-effective preventative maintenance programs in order to anticipate and handle major problems before they occur
  • Schedule maintenance work orders and follow-up on existing work orders
  • Establish and maintain excellent business and community relationships
  • Seek service contracts for approval by Board of Directors
  • Coordinate emergency and routine repairs
  • Assist the Board in maintaining the architectural standards policies of the HOA Covenant/Declarations/Rules and Regulations revision and enforcement
  • Maintain Preferred List of Vendors as approved by H&H (available upon request)
  • Financial Reporting Review and prepare HOA annual budget, maintain monthly HOA accounting records
  • Receive and record all association income, late fees, assessment payments
  • Review and monitor all expenditures for the HOA
  • Create and maintain a file of all paid invoices and receipts
  • Provide financial statements to the Board of Directors and Homeowners (if requested)
  • Manage bank accounts – bill and check writing, booking deposits, reconciliation reports
  • Arrange tax return preparation and audits (when requested)
  • Administrative Services - Act as custodian for HOA’s records and files
  • Maintain accurate owner list to prepare monthly/annual meeting notices
  • Meet with Board of Directors when necessary, organize, prepare, and attend the annual homeowner’s meeting
  • Provide assistance to the Board of Directors in the placement of the necessary insurance coverage and policies required by the HOA